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Business Analytics

Jeff L. Moreland

CEO/Cheif Patient Officer

"Veridikal has been a strategic business partner with Patient Engagement Advisors (PEA) for over three years. We have had the privilege of working on several health system engagements together. The Veridikal professional team and Solution Set is second to none and is absolutely critical to any pharmacy organization to effectively manage their Revenue Cycle activities. Veridikal has been instrumental in chaining behavior, driving performance improvement, margin optimization, and ROI for our collective clients."

Chris Mayer

Pharmacy Manager, Boulder Creek Pharmacy

"I would like to provide some feedback on one of your employees. Several days ago I contacted Jeff Maxwell for help understanding and handling some of the issues concerning my reports. I explained to him that we've been short staffed lately. The state of the economy had already forced us to cut back on labor costs. I told him I had little time left to fully utilize the services you provide. His answer to me was "that's why I'm here". His positive attitude, and confidence in a solution exhibit qualities that myself as a customer and a pharmacist for 35 years, are hard to find in an employee. He helped customize my reports and gave me a better understanding of what to look for to better operate our handling of claims. A followup call the next day answered my remaining questions. I commend you for employing Jeff and will direct future contacts to him when I need help. Thank you for your time."

Veridikal Client

"We were very fortunate to find Veridikal two years ago. At the time, we were struggling to make one of their competitors provide exactly what Veridikal does. Veridikal instinctively knows what the pharmacies are trying to accomplish and provides the tools they're looking for in a way that's easy to understand. Veridikal has helped us restore credibility in the field for the pre & post edit process and business analytic with a solid return on investment, necessary reporting, and proactive business edits for our class of trade and customization by state."

Veridikal Client

"I am one of Veridikal's biggest fans from two completely opposite ends of the spectrum. As a Pharmacist who developed new Closed Door Pharmacies for 18 years, from the ground up for several companies and managed them as well I can tell you first hand that one of the greatest burdens/challenges we had was 1) knowing we were not getting paid as much as we could on most claims and 2) not having any time to drill down to see why we weren't getting our full reimbursement on each claim. Why? If you know anything about CDP's we spend 24/7 doing our best to ensure quality care to our nursing home patients and thier caregivers. There is absolutely no time to look into reimbursements like we need to therefore operating on very thin margins. If someone would have come to me ten years ago with the services Veridikal has to offer I wouldn't have blinked an eye and say "sign me up"!!

Veridikal Client

"Why? there is nothing to lose, I get a minimum of 5 to 1 ROI...what's there to think about. Veridikal can alleviate my burden, I can maximize my reimbursements day in and day out, increase my profit margins..and to top it off Veridikal goes the distance to automate my processes making me more efficient. As a DOP what more is there to ask for??"

Veridikal Client

"Now remember I said I am Veridikal's biggest fan from two opposite ends of the spectrum, the flip side, I am now building a new GPO for the CDPs! And you can bet my differentiator in the market place that I will offer our members will be the services Veridikal has to offer from Pre and Post Edits (PPE), 4 point reconcilation, maximum recovery services to Audits!"

Meena Rupani

Vice President, TempestMed, LLC.

"I can not emphasize enough the importance and the impact Veridikal will have on any CDP business. It all adds up to substantial revenue and increased profit margins with minimal costs, there isn't a business around that doesn't need that!!"

Sandy Harlan

Olive and Roberts Pharmacy

"I was able to generate an additional $3000.00 from Veridikal by catching claims paid at U&C because of pricing set up adjustments within their pharmacy operating system."

ReAssure Rx (PBA)

John Saliba

President, Saliba's Extended Care Pharmacy

"Saliba Pharmacy was utilizing a PBM charging over $0.50 cents per transaction for basic adjudication logic. Veridikal was able to come in at a substantial savings and provide a completely customized Part A adjudication process for each of my LTC/SNF facilities. This program has built trust with my facilities that the contracted rates are being applied, improve reporting on an integrated dashboard, and automate my monthly Part A Facility Invoicing Process. Veridikal has been flexible with custom pricing by GPI, Custom MAC Schedules, Custom Formulary, and Business Rules to support our business. We highly recommend the Veridikal Professional Team and PBA ReAssureRx program."

Michael Rudolph

Executive Director, USC School of Pharmacy

"USC utilizes the PBA services for our Student Health and Cash BINs. This service had allowed our organization to setup benefit plans and directly administer our own programs."

340b Solutions

Anna Mangum

"SNHPA engaged Veridikal to create our standard set of Policy and Procedures that maybe used by Covered Entities. This project was very successful and the Veridikal professional team did an incredible job providing the necessary guideline principals, documentation, and supportive materials for our members."

Steve Smith

AVP Strategic Services Partners

"Quorum joint venture with Veridikal is to focus on our hospitals with ambulatory pharmacies and 340b needed audit services. We want to provide the best solution set to our members with a professional team and company that has an impeccable track-record for success, Veridikal provides our team that support."

George Puckett

Vice President Pharmacy Software, Talyst

"Veridikal has been a great strategic technology partner for Talyst, they are focused on pharmacy solutions for mutual clients including the University of Kentucky for key HRSA and 340b Reporting. Veridikal has provided their integrated Pharmacy Solutions that have assisted our organization in looking at the complete book of business with custom reporting and business edits."

John Adams

Director of Pharmacy Services, Good Shepard Healthcare Systems

"Veridikal was engaged to come into our facility to evaluate our outpatient pharmacy operations. They not only identified a number of key operational issues but we discovered that we had not setup our wholesale accounts and key 340b program correctly. Their help was invaluable and has allowed our organization to ensure compliance while we captured additional savings opportunity with our emergency room visits and owned physicians networks listed on our cost report."

Brian Ward

Vice President, Business Solutions and Operations

"SunRx engaged Veridikal to provide an independent neutral audit for our 340b clients that require a third party validation of their 340b Policy & Procedures, workflow, and compliance. We selected Veridikal because of their active involvement in NCPDP 340b commmittes, Professional Staff, and conservative approach to the 340b programs. We trust their approach and quality of their work with our clients."

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