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RxViewProvides Accurate Historical Prescription Data

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Providing Accurate Historical Prescription Data From Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Pharmacies

Veridikal's RxView allows healthcare professionals to obtain accurate and complete prescription data for reconciliation purposes to ensure there are no duplications, and help improve medication compliance, reduce controlled substance abuse, and look for adverse drug events from drug to drug interactions.

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RxView Solution Benefits

Veridikal's RxView hosted solution provides many benefits by providing insightful data:

  • Serves as the foundation of medication reconciliation and pharmacy medication management process
  • Acts as a critical element in transitional care
  • Improves the data verification process and accuracy, saving valuable staff time
  • Helps improve quality and patient safety, preventing ADE's and readmissions
  • Hosted service requires no IT setup and can be accessed from any device

A Robust Data Source Aggregation Solution

RxView collects and combines the most accurate and robust data sources for prescription history and aggregates the data from many sources, including but not limited to:

  • ePrescribing data
  • PBM data
  • Pharmacy switch data
  • Direct Medicaid payer sources
  • Wide area patient search (WAPS)
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RxView Integration and Features

Veridikal's RxView solution takes into consideration the existing environment of the client and the necessary steps to integrate the program to the client's native systems. Clients can feel at ease that RxView can be accessed easily through a web based interface, and integrated via our secure API.

RxView from Veridikal

Find Out How RxView Provides Accurate Information For Medication Reconciliation

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