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DetectRxHelps Maximize Reimbursement & Improve Productivity

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Helping to Maximize Reimbursement and Improve Productivity

Pharmacy claims adjudication is complex, and reimbursement is constantly changing. Veridikal's pre and post edit (PPE) solution, DetectRx, is the best-in-class and helps maximize reimbursement, improve productivity, shorten collections windows, reduce resubmissions, increase profits, and provides audit safeguards. Unlike legacy Pre and Post Edits (PPE) systems that have 5-10 basic rules, Veridikal's next generational platform has hundreds of advanced business rules and edits that can be customized to meet the needs of each customer.

Claims Processing with DetectRx

DetectRx leverages complex event processing technology via our sophisticated business analytic platform that is paired with an integrated dashboard. DetectRx™ has changed the way that both individual pharmacy locations and corporate chains use their data to drive margin improvement, mitigate audit risk and provide actionable business insights. Our live analytical technology captures 100% of claims and fields during the adjudication process so they can be evaluated to identify errors and opportunities for improvement.

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Benefits of DetectRx

With DetectRx™, Veridikal has improved upon the way pharmacies and corporate chains use data to improve upon margins, mitigate risk and help provide actionable business insights.

Advanced Rule Set and Seamless Integration

Advanced Rule Set and Seamless Integration

We offer the industry's most advanced business analytics / PPE rule set with over 400 rules and customizations available to meet specific needs.
Enhanced produtivity with Veridikal DetectRx

Enhance Productivity

Our DetectRx solution integrates at the point of sale, optimizes workflow, resulting in enhanced productivity and faster collections.
Automatically Update Incorrect Claim Element

Automatically Update Incorrect Claim Elements

DetectRx automatically updates incorrect claim elements and submits AWP re-bills, reducing submission and resubmission errors and ensuring maximum reimbursement.
Add-Ons To Help Pharmacy Efficiency

Add-Ons To Help Pharmacy Efficiency

Take advantage of value add on products such as eVoucherRx which reduces patient co-pays and allows pharmacies to earn passive income with administrative fees.
Meaningful Data Insights Delivered Via Automated Reporting

Meaningful Data Insights Delivered Via Automated Reporting

Our reporting suite provides fully customizable data in easy to digest formats that details the impact from a single edit at a single facility to all edits at all locations.
DetectRx drives compliance in pharmacies and companies to help reduce revenue recapture

Drive Compliance and Reduce Revenue Recapture

DetectRx audit protection program identifies specific areas of exposure to drive compliance and reduce potential revenue recapture from payers.
DetectRx produces workflow reports

Producing Workflow Reports

Enhanced workflow reports such as transitional fill, DAW missed opportunities, and override summaries allow for increased efficiency and staff accountability.
DetectRx offers dedicated support to help you optimize results

Dedicated Support To Optimize Results

Veridikal's business analytics and support team actively reviews pharmacy claim submissions and response adjudication data to identify additional areas of opportunity or emerging trends.
icon showing Veridikal's monthly return on investment reporting

Monthly Return on Investment Reporting

Veridikal provides clients with substantial value, both by increasing revenue and margins, and by protecting those hard-earned dollars from PBM audits.
detectRx identifies issues and helsp remedy them

Identifies Issues and Remedies Them

DetectRx uses its data analytics and reporting capability to work with, and on behalf of, pharmacies to identify newly occurring reimbursement and workflow issues and remedy them through new edits/rules and/or reports.