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Veridikal Drives New Technology Capabilities to Improve Claim Data Through Our Solutions

As an industry leader in the pharmacy data solutions and analytics space, Veridikal leverages its industry knowledge, robust analytics platform, and a highly experienced team to develop solutions that transform data into actionable insights.

Veridkal advanced pharmacy technology

We work to help clients make the most of their pharmacy data by infusing analytics into their daily decision making process.

With a mission to simplify the complexities of pharmacy data management, Veridikal has created solutions that provide clients with tools they need to stay competitive in a continuously evolving market. Explore DetectRx, ReAssureRx, RxRecap, and eVoucher & Denial Conversion solutions to meet the unique needs of each client partner.

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Veridikal Utilizes a Powerful Scalable Analytics Engine To Continuously Evolve and Adapt

Using our scalable analytics engine, we are able to adjust to each client's changing needs and industry standards.

Our platform allows us to quickly analyze large volumes of live data to provide real time interventions, while also maintaining large data sets of customer and industry information that are used for the comparative analysis, reporting and trending of a myriad of metrics and KPIs.

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Veridkal advanced pharmacy technology