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eVoucher and Denial Conversion

Pre and Post Edit Value Add Solutions

Essential Tools to Reduce Patients Costs and Increasing Savings on Claims

eVoucher solutions help tap into market opportunities that reduce costs to patients by offering additional earnings potential for your pharmacy for every qualified claim submitted. In addition, our value added Denial Conversion solution improves patient medication accessibility while supporting efficient pharmacy workflow and operations.

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eVoucher Solutions

eVoucher programs provides key benefits and features. eVoucher capabilities determine if the manufacturer of the prescribed medication offers a voucher to help offset the patient's out-of-pocket costs.

Program Features

  • No pharmacy cost or setup required coupled with easy implementation
  • Works in real time at the point of dispensing
  • Automatically applies electronic coupon savings to co-pay of eligible claims for select brand name drugs
  • Designed for commercial insurance plans, government sponsored claims are excluded

Program Benefits

  • Easier for patients to receive co-pay savings
  • Increases pharmacist efficiency by reducing workflow interruptions
  • Boosts number of prescriptions filled due to affordability
  • Reduces prescription abandonment
  • Increases patient compliance with therapy
  • Enhances patient satisfaction
  • Pharmacy earns a service fee on eligible transactions

Denial Conversion

Denial Conversion can increase patient adherence to your pharmacy brand medications with co-pay savings on rejected prescription claims. If an eligible claim is rejected as non-reimbursable, the Denial Conversion solution converts the rejected claim to a paid response and returns a specified patient co-pay and patient savings notification. The prescription drug is then dispensed as prescribed, aiding in patient medication adherence. This helps ensure patients leave the pharmacy with their prescribed medicine helping to increase brand market share in addition to positively contributing to their overall wellbeing.

Program Benefits

  • Keeps patients on brand and reduces abandonment
  • Improves patient medication accessibility
  • Supports efficient pharmacy workflow and operations
  • Increases patient satisfaction, acquisition, and retention
  • Gives physicians the freedom to prescribe medication that best fits a patient's needs
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Added Value Solutions

eVoucher & Denial Conversion solutions allows pharmacy professionals to obtain accurate and complete prescription data for reconciliation purposes to ensure there are no duplications, and help improve medication compliance, reduce controlled substance abuse, and look for adverse drug events from drug to drug interactions.

eVoucher and Denial Solutions from Veridikal

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