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ReAssure Rx Enhances The Efficiency of Pharmacy Claims Processing

Pharmacy PBA Solutions & Services

ReAssureRx Seamlessly Integrates With Your Pharmacy Information System

Veridikal's ReAssureRx solution is seamlessly integrated with pharmacy information systems and acts as a pharmacy benefits administrator (PBA) to enhance the efficiency of your claims processing through implementation and oversight of adjudication and plan setup.

Our services are used for 340b claims processing, Part A facility billing for long term care (LTC), skilled nursing facilities (SNF) and assisted living facility (ALF), correctional facilities direct billing, hospice plans, employee / self administered benefit plans, charity and cash bins, and price modeling.


Design & Control A Customized Plan

ReAssureRx enables your pharmacy to be in control and design a customized plan to better monitor, aggregate, and manage claims. This results in a solution that will foster "trust" with your affiliated organizations and patients while offering a safety net of assurance and peace of mind over formulary management and pricing.

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The Difference Between ReAssureRx and a Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM)

ReAssureRx, a pharmacy benefits administrator, handles the oversight and implementation of your rules engine to design adjudication plans, plan development and data reporting. With a PBA, clients have the luxury of managing their own plan requirements as well. Whereas, with a pharmacy benefits manager, they help manage structured pharmacy benefit plans, are responsible for negotiating terms, contracts, networks, plan designs, payments and more.

Current partners who use ReAssureRx PBA services include:

  • Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • University Health Systems
  • Long-Term Care Pharmacies
  • Retail Pharmacies
  • Specialty Pharmacies
  • Hospices
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Employer/Self Insured Plans
phamacist analyizing ReAssureRx by Veridikal

Benefits of Using ReAssureRx

ReAssureRx offers many features that are customizable for each partner:

Enhanced produtivity with Veridikal DetectRx

Formularies & Carveouts

ReAssureRx offers preferred product listing (formulary) for inclusion or exclusion and custom pricing for controlled substances, over the counter drugs, IV/INJ, compound claims, Prescriber NPI, and generic drug formulary programs.
Add-Ons To Help Pharmacy Efficiency

Custom Reporting & Analytics

Customizable reports for both the pharmacy and/or the end user, including custom reports that can provide data on any adjudicated field. A dashboard with an advanced reporting system allows real time access to data and reports that provide information on plans/groups, facility/end user, as well as trends and performance.

ReAssureRx Offers Unlimited Pricing Models

With ReAssureRx, pharmacies and businesses excel utilizing custom pricing.

Individualized Pricing Created For Each End User

Custom Contract Pricing Designed for Each End User

Generate Lists Based On Medi-Span

Medi-Span drug source pricing options

Tiered Pricing Models

Tiered Pricing Logic Capabilities Based on Formulary, Quantity, IV's, Compounds, Etc.

Pricing Based On Drug Claims

Custom pricing and scheme based on MAC, FUL, AWP, Cost, WAC, and NADAC among others

In-Network or Out-of-Network Pricing

In network or out-of-network pricing based on the prescriber or other pharmacy defined elements

Price by Different Payer Types

Custom PCN/Group ID's for different payer types: Part A, Employee 340b, Cash Plans, etc

Customization To Pricing

NDC customization to allow for the addition of drugs not in Medi-Span that will be adjudicated, billed and reported upon

Custom Pricing Modeling

Custom price modeling for increased effectiveness.

What Our Clients Say About ReAssureRx

Don't just take it from us. Learn about the benefits that ReAssureRx has for individuals and companies.

University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky Retail Pharmacies have utilized the Veridikal ReAssure Rx (PBA) functionality to manage many different indigent care programs, allowing us to efficiently fill prescriptions accurately and timely with flexible pricing and complete formulary management control. Veridikal Resources have been excellent at keeping us up to date with the latest technology and streamlining our claims submission accuracy allowing us to have an excellent return on our investment. Pre-Edits have allowed us to effectively train our Pharmacy teams in real time making claims adjudication painless while saving time and money on our workflow. Veridikal’s team is friendly and responsive to our needs for urgent requests, and strategic planning for Pharmacy Program Initiatives. Veridikal leadership provide excellent quarterly reports to identify opportunities for improvement, while also giving feedback on performance to share with our Pharmacy teams directly.

Dan Grantz, Pharm.D.

Sr. Director
Retail & Community Pharmacy Services
COP Adjunct Faculty

University of Nebraska

University of Nebraska

Veridikal has been a great partner for our pharmacies since we first contracted with them over 5 years ago. We started with the business analytics services to optimize our pharmacy billing. This was extremely successful and is still used daily today. We have also added their PBA services. We are able to manage our internal billing processes through their PBA system taking out the manual requirements from our pharmacy staff. As we have grown our partnership Veridikal has been great to work with. They are always quick to respond and support any initiative we have. Any time the pharmacy leadership has a billing need our first question is “can Veridikal assist with this?” and the answer most often is “yes”. Veridikal has been imperative to the success of many of our billing programs and are consistently great people to work with. We appreciate and value this partnership!

Maria Kellison

Pharmacy Support Manager



Veridikal’s ReAssureRx program allows me to provide my clients with flexible, customizable PBA options that we can trust. The dashboard allows us quick access to important data and the necessary reports to automate our processes and meet regulatory requirements. Formularies are simple to create and implement at the GPI and/or NDC level. The versatility of contract pricing options and business rule logic has always met our needs. I highly recommend the Veridikal team; their knowledge and support make implementation and maintenance a breeze.

Michael Sauer, D.Ed., MBA



Saliba Pharmacy

Saliba Pharmacy was utilizing a PBM charging over $0.50 cents per transaction for basic adjudication logic. Veridikal was able to come in at a substantial savings and provide a completely customized Part A adjudication process for each of my LTC/SNF facilities. This program has built trust with my facilities that the contracted rates are being applied, improve reporting on an iterated dashboard, and automate my monthly Part A Facility Invoicing process. Veridikal has been flexible with custom pricing by GPI. Custom MAC Schedules, Custom Formulary, and Business rules to support our business. We highly recommend the Veridikal Professional Team and PBA ReAssureRx program.

John Saliba

President, Saliba's Extended Care Pharmacy